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Another trailer has been released for the upcoming season of You and you can view it below.  We don’t see Victoria but we do get insight to Joe’s new hunting ground.

The Haunting of Hill House breakout Victoria Pedretti will be back as the lead in the the second installment of the Netflix horror anthology series, The Haunting of Bly Manor, from Mike Flanagan, Trevor Macy, Amblin TV and Paramount TV. It is slated to debut in 2020.

Pedretti has quickly become one of Netflix’s acting MVPs — the young actress also is set as the female lead in the upcoming second season of the streamer’s psychological thriller drama series You.

The Haunting of Bly Manor is inspired by Henry James’ psychological gothic horror novella The Turn of the Screw, which takes place almost entirely in an old country mansion. There, two young orphans are looked after by a young governess by whom most of the story is narrated by.


Victoria filmed a short video explaining who she would be playing in the series and you can watch that right below!


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Thanks to the wonderful Jay, I have taken over the site so I want to give a huge shoutout to her for allowing me to continue this site. I’m Holly and I have several other fansites and have been a fan of Victoria for a while. I find her down to earth and a wonderful actress so I hope to do this site justice!

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Netflix psychological thriller You has found Joe’s next target.

Victoria Pedretti, who’s coming off another Netflix series, The Haunting of Hill House, has been cast as the female lead in season two of the series. She’ll play a character named Love Quinn, an aspiring chef in Los Angeles who works as a produce manager at a grocery store.

The character is uninterested in social media and living life online, and she’s also tending to a deep grief. When she meets Joe (Penn Badgley), she senses a shared sense of profound loss — without, of course, knowing of Joe’s deeply troubling past.

You, from executive producers Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti, aired its first season on Lifetime and attracted mostly positive reviews, but not much of an audience. The cable network eventually passed on a second season, and Netflix, which had already secured streaming rights to season one, picked it up as an original.

The series then took off when it launched on Netflix in late December; the streaming service said the show was on pace to be seen by more than 40 million member households — about 29 percent of its global subscribers — in its first month.

The Haunting of Hill House was Pedretti’s first major acting role. She also has a role in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming feature Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. She is repped by Gersh and Management 360.

Welcome once again to the annual Golden Issue Awards! Every year, the staff here at takes a look back at the year as a whole and selects the best of what comics, movies, television, anime, and video games had to offer.

All around television, and especially in our nerdy little pocket of the industry, women gave some absolutely jaw-dropping performances in 2018. This was the year that Doctor Who‘s Jodie Whitaker shattered glass ceilings, The Good Place star D’Arcy Carden portrayed every single lead character from the show in just one episode, and so many other fantastic actresses wowed audiences week in and week out. But, according to our Golden Issue
voters, there was one performance that stood out among the rest.

And the winner of Best TV Actress is…

Victoria Pedretti, for her role as Nell Crain in Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House!

From the very first episode of Mike Flanagan’s horror-drama, Pedretti absolutely broke our hearts. Nell was equal parts troubled and strong, and she carried more emotional baggage than perhaps any other character on TV this year. She was far and away the anchor of the entire ensemble, and the biggest moments of the series hinged on her performance. Fortunately Pedretti was consistently up to the task, always stealing scenes with her harrowing work.

The pinnacle of Pedretti’s performance came halfway through the series, during the episode “The Bent-Neck Lady.” This was easily the most horrifying episode of the series, with a twist that changed the framework of the entire show, but it wouldn’t have worked without the roller-coaster performance from Victoria Pedretti. She elevated an already great show to something truly special, and Nell Crain is a character we will likely never forget.


I’ve added new photos of Victoria from her appearance at Argentina’s Comic Con last weekend. I apologize for the delay in adding them. I’ve also added 10 new additional photos of her from the premiere of The Haunting of Hill House. Enjoy!

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The editors at TV Guide are as guilty as anyone of spending 45 minutes searching for a new show to stream, only to return to an old fave like Parks and Recreation or Friday Night Lights. But that would be a shame considering the amazing new series and breakout actors this fall TV season.

We couldn’t stand the thought of you missing out on all the talent fresh on the scene this season, so we’re casting a spotlight on 10 breakout performances by actors who are also breaking boundaries, as well as five brand new shows that kept us on the edge of our seats as we binged episode after episode. (It’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it.)

Here, you’ll find the fruits our arduous labor: TV Guide’s inaugural Freshman 15 class. The Freshman 15 are the ones to watch. They’re actors who everyone will leap to say they were fans of first, and the shows that will come to join the ranks of the new classics. 2018 has proven itself an amazing year for television (if nothing else), and we hope you discover some fresh faves to stan — till next year’s Freshman 15 anyway.

Victoria Pedretti, The Haunting of Hill House
Whoever cast The Haunting of Hill House deserves all the Emmys. Not only do the actors playing the Crain family look staggeringly alike, but not one of the greener actors ever seem out of place next to Hollywood standouts like Carla Gugino and Timothy Hutton. But of all the up-and-comers in the cast, no one made quite as strong of an impression as Victoria Pedretti, who plays the youngest Crain child, Nell. With fewer credits to her name before Hill House than 13-year-old Lulu Wilson (Young Shirley), 12-year-old Mckenna Grace (Young Theo) and even 7-year-old Violet McGraw (Young Nell), Pedretti was a true Hollywood newcomer when she took on the role in the horror series. And yet Pedretti completely embodies the distraught young woman whose tragic story largely drives the first half of the season.

Pedretti’s ability to effortlessly vacillate between the most visceral turmoil to an effervescent peacefulness to literally being the ghost nightmares is not only impressive but also absolutely essential to the series, in which several of the most pivotal moments are anchored by Nell. The reveal that she is the Bent Neck Lady and has been haunting herself for decades was a powerful revelation made only more so by the horror we see reflected back in Nell’s own eyes. And the series’ surprisingly hopeful ending hinges largely on viewers believing Nell’s acceptance of her own fate and coming to terms with it much like she has. Hill House is one of the best new shows this year, horror or otherwise, and it’s hard to imagine it having such a strong impact without Pedretti’s performance providing such a captivating emotional through-line.

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I’ve added a new photo session of Victoria to the gallery. It’s sooo pretty! Hopefully more surface. Enjoy.

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Welcome Victoria fans! Victoria Pedretti Fan is now open. I’m so excited to announce the opening of this fansite. I became an instant fan of Victoria since the first episode of The Haunting of Hill House.

Feel free to browse the site’s content and visit our growing photo gallery with over 3,500 photos. The gallery is currently complete with photos of all of Victoria’s short films and television shows. So be sure to check back weekly for news and photos of Victoria and follow us on twitter for news and updates on your feed.

Thanks so much for visiting my little fansite and I hope you bookmark the site and come back and visit again.