Captures of Victoria as Dani Clayton in The Haunting of Bly Manor have been added to the image gallery as well as additional stills and posters from the series! Please be aware if you have not seen the complete series, captures do contain spoilers!

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The gallery has been updated with the first still of Victoria as Dani from The Haunting of Bly Manor due later this fall (unless that changes of course!) as well as the teaser poster for the show.

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Captures of Victoria’s very short appearance in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood have been added to the image gallery. If I somehow missed her in a scene, please point it out to me so that I can add to the captures.

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I have added captures of Victoria starring opposite of Dylan O’Brien in Apple TV’s Amazing Stories to our image gallery. Enjoy!

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Waiting for the release of Amazing Stories and the episode with Victoria and Dylan O’Brien? Look below for an exclusive sneak peek at the episode from Entertainment Weekly!


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Victoria stepped out on the streets of Paris today for Paris Fashion Week, looking stunning in purple and attended the Miu Miu show. Photos of her arriving, as well as the show itself, have been added to our image gallery!

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Photos of Victoria at her last two public appearances for the start of 2020 have been added to the image gallery. More photos will be added as I find them!

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Apologies for the delay in adding these, but I wanted to watch the season so I didn’t spoil myself while sorting and all I have to say is WOW. Can’t wait to see what happens next season! That being said, over 2000 captures of Victoria from the series have been added to the image gallery. Please be aware that if you have not seen the entire season they do contain spoilers!

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At the start of YOU‘s second season, Joe (Penn Badgley) tried to avoid a relationship with Love (Victoria Pedretti) because he didn’t want her to suffer the same fate as Beck. And she didn’t. Rather, by the end of YOU‘s second season, Joe realized just how different Love and Beck were when Love revealed that she was the one who killed Delilah (and Candace). But she didn’t just do it for love. She did it for family, because as she told Joe in the season finale, she’s pregnant. “I would hear things back and forth about who killed whom,” Victoria Pedretti tells EW. “But once I read that, it was not how I saw it panning out, especially the pregnancy and the way that plays into motivating her killing is really shocking.”

And yet, from the very beginning Love was clear about the lengths she would go to for those she cared about, so was it really that shocking that she’d murder? “Even though it’s her name, she has a warped sense of what love is,” Pedretti says.

As for what Love’s dark side means for her relationship with Joe — he does NOT seem to be into their shared hobby — Pedretti adds, “It really disrupts their relationship. I mean, clearly, with the ‘Hey, you’ at the end. I hated watching that. I felt so sorry for her. After all she goes through, nothing is ever enough, but that’s him. He is never satisfied.”


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You season 2 is only a little bit away and Netflix has released the final trailer for the upcoming debut!